Still here

After more than five years I decided to blog again on my photography activity.

During these years I did not travel a lot. I’ve been in California two years ago with my family and I visited some Italian places near my two home cities, Catania, in Sicily, and Rome, where I spend the most of my life again.

Galleries on website have been completely redesigned and now becomes social with a Facebook page.

I did not migrate to a full time photo career yet: after my daughter’s birth, time to dedicate to my photo business is not enough and a delay on my scheduled plan occurred.

But I am still here, trying to understand how and when I can migrate definitely to a new career.

Stay tuned! I’ll tell you more on future.


p.s. If you are italian or you understand my mother tongue you can visit my other blog Trentamila Piedi sopra lo Stivale: it is my journalism project I started three years ago and I used to talk more about Italy and Italian society.